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Sauna reinvented

What if the sauna could leave its hidden existence in the basement behind and become an integral part of the living area? And all that with a dual function as a stylish piece of furniture? We asked ourselves that, too – and completely rethought this topic.

The result: a relaxation and wellness oasis in the living area that completely transforms into a sofa after use. Designed so smartly that it can fi t in every apartment.

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Simple. Versatile.

The transformation from sofa to sauna takes place in just a few simple steps: the seat cushion is removed and can be used as a lounger. Below it you fi nd the electric sauna heater. The backrest is fl ipped upwards, the side walls and glass fronts are folded forward. Done.

The resulting interior is designed fl exibly thanks to the height-adjustable lounger and bench. The generous fl oor space and interior height offer the opportunity to use the sauna while sitting or lying down.



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The PAVONUM principle

PAVONUM is derived from the Latin Pavo: Peacock. The ideal symbol for our product world. As a symbol of supreme aesthetics, grace and immortality, it embodies all the characteristics of our timelessly elegant and sustainable design products. Just like fanning out the peacock wheel, our mobile furniture unfolds its full beauty after just a few seconds of assembly.

Mobile furniture - elegant design

“Design goes mobile” is our claim. With this in mind, we develop functional furniture that combines logistical efficiency with a timelessly elegant sense of form. The perfect symbiosis of flexible and chic. Based on years of experience in the industry, space-saving furniture is created that has been thought through down to the last detail and is ahead of its time.